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The Nicolaes Varlet Family

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The family of Nicolaes Varlet and Francina Jacobs


by Cor Snabel and Elizabeth A. Johnson




On the 12th of January, 1590, Nicolaes Varlet of Douai, France, married Francina Jacobs (Jacques) in Cologne, Germany. [1] Francina was a widow with a child from her previous marriage, Johannes Gelles, or Jillis, baptized on 31 January 1589 in the Dutch Reform Church of Cologne, Germany, as the posthumous child of his father, Robert Jilles. [Dutch Ref. Church Cologne 225:4a] Nicholas Varlet married the widow Francina a year later. They were probably members of the Walloon Church in Cologne, although records of this church before the year 1600 are apparently lost.


The children of Nicholas Varlet and Francina Jacques, all born before 1600, were probably baptized in the Walloon Church of Cologne. Nicholas and Francina Varlet appear as baptism witnesses in the Walloon Church several times:

1603 Apr 26; Piere Cagnon; N.N.; Daniel; David Cousenaer, Nicolas Varle, the wife of Jean Breine [Walloon Church Cologne 221/6a]
1604 Oct 19; Venant de l'Eau; Barbe de Rancour; Marie; Jehan de Ninoue, Marie d'Oresmieux, Francoise Jacques widow [sic, = wife!] of Nicolas Varlet [Walloon Church Cologne 221/9a]
1605 Jul 28; Martin de Bernicourt; Rachel Madere; Isaac; Nicolas Varlet, Marie Cauchie, wife of Jehan Mouchon [Walloon Church Cologne 221/12]
1605 Oct 15; Jehan Scaops; Marguerite Ponton; Francoise; Samuel Guechier, Francoise wife of Nicolas Varlet; [Walloon Church Cologne 221/13a]

                 The above four baptism records were extracted by Cor Snabel in January, 2012.

Nicholas Varlet probably had a sister Catherine, who also moved to Cologne. Evidence for her existence also appears in records of the Walloon Church in Cologne:

1608 Apr 12; A Catherine d'Espenod fille de Rombeau et de [blank] tesmoinges Nicolas le Bouril et la fille de la vefue [de N (lined out)] Catherine Varlet. [Rombaud d'Espenol; N.N.; Catherine; Nicolas le Bouril, the daughter of the widow Catherine Varlet] [Walloon Church Cologne 221/20a]
1608 May 11; A Anne et Catherine Cornille filles gemelle de Jean Cornille et d' Anne Allart, tesmoings Jean Dou_?_er et Simon Allart son beaufrere et Elizabeth du Mortier et Catherine Varlet [Jean Corneille; Anne Allart; Anne + Catherine; Jean Dou_?_er, Simon Allart his brother-in-law, Elisabeth du Mortier, Catherine Varlet] [Walloon Church Cologne 221/20a].

                The above two baptism records were transcribed by E Johnson in January 2012; English rendition by Cor Snabel in Jan., 2012.


It is unknown who this Catherine Varlet had married; also unknown is the name of her daughter.


The children of Nicolaes Varlet and Francina Jacobs were:


i.  Caspar Varlet, born about 1593 in Cologne, died 1662 in Hartford, Connecticut. [2]

ii. Catrijna Varlet, born about 1595 in Cologne, died on the 18th of May 1652 in Amsterdam. [3]

iii. Daniel Varlet, born about 1597 in Cologne, died on the 3rd of January 1642 in Dunkirk, Flanders. [4]

iv. Pieter Varlet, born on the 18th of August 1598 in Cologne [5], died on the 29th of October 1661 in Amsterdam. [6]


Nicolaes Varlet died on the 18th of December 1605 in Cologne, [7] leaving behind his widow with at least five under-aged children. Francina Jacobs and her children moved north along the Rhine to Wesel, where she died only a few years later. Her son Pieter made the following entry in his family register. [8] He writes (translated):


Francina Jacobs, my mother, died in the year 1612, at 6 o'clock in the evening of Friday the 19th of October in Weesel, and was also buried there in our own grave; her age was 53 years.


When Francina died, her older son, Johannes Jelles, must have been 24 years old, and Pieter Varlet, the youngest was only 14. Soon after her death the children moved to Holland, settling in Utrecht. In October 1615, when Caspar Varlet married Judith Tentenier, he was described as "from Cologne and residing in Utrecht". [9]


Catrijna Varlet's husband was Severijn Hack. Their marriage is said to have taken place on the 30th of January 1618 in Cologne, and their first son, Joris, is said to have been baptized in Cologne on the 20th of March 1620, although documentation on these marriage and baptism dates are lacking.[10] Catrijna Varlet can first be placed with certainty in Utrecht on the first of November 1615, when she witnessed the baptism of Anna Tentenier in the Walloon Church there, [11] then appears in Amsterdam on the 19th of April 1622, at the baptism of her second child, Daniel [12] and thereafter.


In the 1620's, all four children of Nicolaes Varlet and Francina Jacobs, as well as her older son, Johannes Gelles, moved to Amsterdam.


Daniel Varlet was already living in Amsterdam when he married Sara Stafmakers in January 1623. [13] When their marriage intentions were filed in Amsterdam, he was accompanied by his half-brother Johannes Jelles, who died in Amsterdam less than two years later, on the 9th of November, 1624. [14]


Pieter Varlet was married in Utrecht in December 1626 to Machtelt Jans van Bree, but their marriage record states that he was living in Amsterdam. [15] All their children were baptized in Amsterdam.


Caspar Valet married Judith Tentenier, a daughter of Abraham Tentenier, on 17 October, 1615, in  Utrecht. He was the last of his siblings to move from Utrecht to Amsterdam. In 1625 he filed a request with the Amsterdam authorities, requesting permission to move his silk factory to Amsterdam. [16] The first proof that the family was actually living in Amsterdam is found in the baptism records of Amsterdam, when his daughter Marija was baptized on the 7th of November 1627. [17]





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© 2008, 2012, Cor Snabel and Elizabeth A. Johnson

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