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Caspar Varlet and his wife, Judith Tentenier, lived in the cities of Cologne, Germany, in Utrecht and Amsterdam, Netherlands, in New Amsterdam (New York), and in Hartford, Connecticut. They had a family of twelve children, eight of whom survived to adulthood, and all but one of whom emigrated to North America. These children, some of whom married into families well-known in early American history, lived in the Netherlands and in various locations in colonial North America, which after their lifetimes became the states of Virginia, Maryland, New York, New Jersey and Connecticut.


While various articles have been previously written about certain members of this family, in these chapters we correct certain misconceptions found in earlier works, and provide extensive references and notes for the convenience of interested genealogists and historians. Here we bring together many widespread sources of information, particularly from the Netherlands, and incorporate data from our own current translations of many notarial acts filed in Dutch cities in the 17th century. We also provide information about the ancestors and relatives of the American Varlet family, who lived in the Netherlands, and about various industries in which they were involved.


A Table of Contents is below, for your convenience. As you go along, each article is linked to at least one more in the series.


We hope you enjoy these articles as much as we enjoy sharing them here. We're often working on new articles, so check back again or check our other website here: http://17thcenturyhollanders.pbworks.com/w/page/742573/FrontPage



-- CS/EJ, March 2008.



Table of Contents:


Chapter 1: The Nicolaes Varlet Family 

Chapter 2: The Caspar Varlet Family

Chapter 3: The Daniel Varlet Family

Chapter 4: The Pieter Varlet Family

Chapter 5: The Abraham Varlet Family

Chapter 6: The Francina Varlet Family

Chapter 7: The Hack and Varlet Familes

Chapter 8: The Catrijna Varlet Family

Chapter 9: The Tentenier Family

Chapter 10: The Staffmaecker Family

Chapter 11: The Cornelis Varlet Family


The Peat Industry

Silk Dyeing



Go to Chapter 1


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